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Regarding the Lubuntu images offered by Labdoo with pedagogical contents, it would be very useful to have the possibility to customize one image according to the need of each Edoovillage before installing it on all laptops.

For example, I have recently carried out a dootrip with 41 laptops ( and, for each laptop, after the installation of Labdoo's "standard image", we had to repeat several settings on each of the 41 laptops (change system language; set language and keyboard settings; modify time settings; modify some files: /etc/hosts, /etc/hostname, and /etc/default/keyboard; install extra software; make system updates; change account names and passwords, etc).

The customization could be much easier with the possibility of doing all the setting on one single laptop and from there saving a customized image that could be installed in a second moment on the other computers. I don't know if this possibility already exists.



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Hello Matteo,
thank you for your post.
Your request makes complete sense but let me first point you out the things that ARE ALREADY automated in the restore scripts included in Labtix, from the list of things you point out
-> modification of /etc/hosts, /etc/hostnames is totally automated during image restoration using any of the graphical or the console methods in Labtix [please check]
-> automated deployment of the language specific content (in additional to the base restored image you can automate the restoration of contetns specific to additional languages, like Swahili,Arabic..... ) is also implmented by the scripts in the labtix (check the documentation on the web pointed above)

The rest of the things you point out are not automated, although if the request exists can also be done (I struggle always in de line between offering more things to be done automatically, or offering less possibilities so that the users with less demands/patience/knowledge do not struggle...)

Anyway, to your question the answer is YES
I also, when I have a big amount of laptops requiring the very same configuration (but take care. the HD size is most of the times a big differenciating factor) create my "own image"
you can do it using the applciation colenezilla included in Labtix... so the proceddure would be
- boot the laptop first time with clonezilla
-restore the image you want to work with as basis
- customize all you want - (installing additional contetns, change configuration,users...)
- boot again with labtix and CREATE an image of the laptop using Clonezilla (I can create a short documentation on this step when I am back from holiday...but is relatively straight forward) saving in an USB HD

later on you can restore this image in later Laptops

Fast remark...regarding tha changing of passwords and users, please be aware that the existing doucmentation in LAbdoo refers to the standard configuration of the OS, and that deviating of this can cause confussion if the receivers of the Laptops ever want to request help online or check themselves the documentation. I assume you already have this into account, but just in case...

As told, please come to me in case you need any clarification or a more detailed description on how to create the image in Clonezilla

Best Regards