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Dear team
My name is Rehema from WEEDO. In the last couple of weeks our computer show difficulties in logging in, we normally use the username"student" to log in and the password, now whenever we log in with the same username and password, it loads and comes back to the same login. the session, we cant go in . Please we need your help.

Thank you.


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Dear WEEDO team,
can you log-in as user guest or labdoo?
What was done on those machines, when being logged in last time? Usually this behavior (not getting to the desktop) is e.g. a result if no disk-space is available anymore. It tries to load and comes back to login, right? It does not report wrong password entered?
Do you have a Labtix or Parted Magic bootable CD or USB-stick at hand and do you have experience with such tool sets? If so, you can check the disc-status and e.g. remove too large data in folders /labdoo or /student?
Sometimes disks break on-site, but then usually booting is also not possible. So disk might be physically fine. My guess is no more disk capacity available.
It is hard to tell from the distance. Hope you can work it out.
Labdoo.org (Germany)