How to connect to the server?


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We have tried to connect to the server from the Labdoo operating system, we have not succeeded. We wondered how this action is carried out.


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Hi Aleix,
there are technician in Labdoo team, which might give you more detailed support, but his a first try.

Of cause, first you have to be physically connected by WiFi or LAN to a network and server. For Labtix see steps described below. Within a Labdoo system > left mouse click on the LAN symbol in the menu bar lower right corner > either click on a WiFi to connect or check if you are connect via LAN. It is more or less similar as you are used to from other operating systems. If no connection is established that can be due to several reasons (missing driver, hardware switch on keyboard or on a side of a laptop etc.).

Labtix: start SpaceFM file manager > Plugins > MountShare > Scan > choose or type IT of server, add the other data to connect.

Labdoo (if you cloned a Labdoo image): start File manager Caja (the folder icon on desktop or menu bar) > left column "network" > click on "go to network" (in Spanish Red > navega la red") > you should see all connected server, printer, computer connected.

If not, aside of not being connected physically, it can have other reasons, security policy in a network etc. Then you have to contact an administrator at your place. E.g. we have here schools in Germany, being managed by the IT department of a city. And they only accept certain computer in their network, deny access of not-registered units.

Labdoo laptops are set to auto-scan, so if there is a physical connection, they will find and show network automatically.

Hope this is of any help for you.

Ralf (Germany)