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The following protocol describes the actions that need to be taken by the dropping point hub (Town Hall) when receiving laptops from the citizens and when handing laptops to the sanitation hubs.

Laptop management protocol for Labdoo Dropping Point Hubs

When your hub receives a laptop from a donor:

  1. Remember to ask the donor for his/her email address if he/she wishes to receive email updates as the laptops makes progress to a school.
  2. Go to the tagging page ['Dootronics' → Tag it!'] Https://
  3. Fill in all fields under the 'Basic information' tab. Set the status of the laptop to "S1" and set the "Source hub" field to the name of your dropping point hub so that the laptop remains connected to your hub inventory. Upload also a picture of the laptop in the corresponding field.
  4. Fill out the "Additional notification emails" field with the email address that the donor gave you in step 1. You will find this field in the 'Additional information' tab.
  5. Click on the button 'Save' ('Save') at the bottom of the page. At this point the dootronic's page is created, sending also an email to your hub and to the donor's email address that you set in step 4.
  6. Click on the button "Print tags" at the top of the page on your new dootronic. Print the three labels. Cut the three labels and stick them with transparent tape on the laptop: one label goes underneath the laptop, another one goes inside the battery compartment and a third label needs to be attached to the power adapter. Make sure the tape fully covers all these labels and that they are firmly attached to the laptop and the adapter.

When your hub gives a laptop to a sanitation hub.

  1. Go to the dootronics dashboard: ['Dootronics' → 'View']
  2. In the "Free-Text Search" field, put the 9-digit number of the laptop you want to give to the sanitation hub. This will automatically update the table showing only the relevant dootronic. Click on this dootronic.
  3. Click on the 'Edit' button. Make sure you are logged into your account Labdoo, otherwise you will not see the button 'Edit'.
  4. Change the "Manager" and add instead the user name in charge of the sanitation hub.
  5. In the "Source hub" field, click on the button "Add another item" and add the name of the sanitation hub. Make sure that both your dropping point hub and the recipient sanitation hub are in the "Source hub" field so that the laptop appears in the inventory of both hubs.
  6. Repeat all the above steps for each of the laptops that you want to give to a sanitation hub.

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