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wanted to modify dootronic https://www.labdoo.org/content/000004266 to set its to status "recycled" (done in the meantime). So I started using the free text search and entered "4266". This gave my this result:
Labdoo ID Status Hub Edoovillage Country Serial number Pick me up
1 000024266 S4 Labdoo Hub München Edoovillage #1893 - Greece, Athens: Greece, Athens: Laptops, Tablets and Phones for Ankaa Projekt Greece RV8GA002EJJ no
2 000020613 S6 Labdoo Hub München Germany YB00742664 no
3 000014266 S4 TechAnnex Edoovillage #1177 - Mexico, La Joya: Children with Faith, Computers for after-school studies Mexico x16-96076 no
But item no. 4266 was not shown, even it should be part of the result list.
Using the direct link of the item it was shown and I was able to update data. But somehow either the database search index is incomplete or the filter is not working properly. Not urgent, just noticed. Thank you.

Same with item no. 4270.


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Soumis par jordi le dim, 12/20/2020 - 00:22

Hi Ralf, as we discussed, a few weeks ago we started having memory blow up issues in generating the dootronics dashboard mainly because the numbers are growing very high. So i had to temporarily limit the number of dootronics shown in this dashboard to 20 thousand. In order to reconstruct this dashboard in a scalable manner and avoid the memory blow up i just implemented a batching algorithm. This should fix this issue and allow this dashboard to scale up independently of the number of dootronics.

Could you please try again and see if things work as expected? https://www.labdoo.org/content/dootronics-dashboard

Code changes (includes other features): https://github.com/Labdoo/Labdoo/commit/baa8e0b0c05ba8f90f3ecbf1c81feb1d...