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A Trip to the Desert

Zoubida and I met the first time in the desert of morocco, when I did one of my Girls Camps there. I use to train girls offroad riding with Motorbikes in Merzouga.
Zoubida came there for a weekend trip, to enjoy the silence of the desert on the back of a camel....and then she met me and the girls on the noisy bikes circling around in front of our hotel.
She liked the girls on the bikes and wanted a selfie with us.
We exchanged emails and started our conversation.
Soon I found out that she is working as informaticien and I started to hook her for the Labdoo project.
Cause I signed in already the school in Merzouga as an Edoovillage, but I was sure there were more schools to support and for my biggest challenge - the language barrier - Zoubida was now the short cut.
As she was born in a very small village in the mountains, she knows exactly how it feels to have only little support for learning. Even more as a girl.
So she agreed to start as the first Hub in Morocco, located in Casablanca.
She connects the dots - donors from morocco and also the rest of the world, with the Edoovillages in the rural areas of morocoo. She is talking with the responsable persons, she knows about their needs and challenges.
She speeks Berber-Language, which is very helpful, cause in most rural areas they don´t speek english, french or even arabic.
Bringing the Laptops to morocco works fine. The bigger challenge is the logistics inside morocco. To forward them to the edoovillages, cause it is not always easy to find someone to transport the Laptops to the Edoovillages. Morocco is big, the post doesn´t work reliable and Zoubida has no car.

Since then we set up 6 Edoovillages managed by Zoubida and another 8 Edoovillages managed from Hamburg.

So many happy kids supported by your donated Laptops -
Thanks for your amazing support!!!

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