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Ecrire un Message à Tous les Gérants de Hubs et/ou Edoovillages

Parfois, il est nécessaire d'envoyer un message à tous les gérants de Hubs et/ou Edoovillages. Par exemple, quand il faut annoncer une nouvelle fonctionnalité de la plateforme ou une nouvelle sortie d'images du programme éducatif Labdoo. Ceci peut être fait par l'équipe "The Coffee Shop" :

Pour écrire un message et joindre tous les gérants de Hubs et/ou Edoovillages, faites comme suit :

Writing a message to all hub and/or edoovillage managers

From time to time we need to send a message to all hub and/or edoovillage managers. For instance, when there is an announcement to be made about a new platform feature or a new release of the Labdoo educational software images. This can be done from the special Team called "The Coffee Shop":

To write a message to reach out to all hub and/or edoovillage managers, do as follows:

Informative Message to Your Regional Hubs

From time to time, it is a good habit to send out an email to hubs in your area reminding them about the Labdoo tools that are available to help organize their laptop campaigns and sanitation events. For instance, for school hubs this message can be send out around early September as their yearly coursework starts. For other hubs (company, NGO, or home hubs) this message can be sent out anytime.

In this page you will find templates for such type of message in various languages that you can re-use for your convenience.

Welcome Message to Labdoo Hubs

When creating a new hub, send this welcome message to the new hub managers. Copy the message below into an email, substitute the keywords $HUBMANAGERNAME and $LINKTOTHENEWHUB for the name of the hub managers and the URL link to their newly created hub, respectively, and then send the message to the hub managers.



Thank you for joining Project Labdoo as a Hub Manager and welcome aboard. Here is a link to your hub:


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