The Dootrip System


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Dootrips, or Labdoo trips, are CO2-neutral transportation means used to carry dootronics (laptops, tablets, etc.) from one location to another. Examples of dootrips are trips carried out by tourists, NGO volunteers (doctors and engineers without borders, humanitarian personnel, etc.), international students, employees of international corporations, etc. Dootrips constitute a key element within the Labdoo platform to help deliver laptops and tablets loaded with educational software to needy schools without incurring additional CO2 emissions on the planet.

The next sections describe how to create and manage dootrips.

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How to Register a Dootrip

Assigning a Dootrip to a Destination Edoovillage

Assigning a dootronic to a dootrip

Automatic Notifications and Managing your Dootrips