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Smartphones bearbeiten

Smartphones können eine weitere Rolle neben Laptops spielen, um Kindern weltweit Bildung zu ermöglichen. In vielen Situationen kann ein Smartphone die Verbindung sein, die Kinder mit ihrem Lehrer verbindet, insbesondere in ländlichen Gebieten. Ohne diese Anbindung verpassen Kinder oft Chancen, ihre Schulprogramme fortzusetzen. Smartphones können vergleichsweise leistungsfähig sein wie ein Computer. Monitore aktueller Smartphones sind mittlerweile so groß, das sie für den Bildungsbereich geeignet sind.

Sanitizing Smartphones

Smartphones can also take a crucial role in enabling a path to education for children around the world. In many situations, a smartphone can be the lifeline that connects children with their school teacher, specially in rural areas. Without this lifeline, children often loose all chances to continue their school programs. Smartphones can be as computationally powerful (and can even be as expensive) as computers. Further, many smartphones tend to have large screens, which makes them suitable for education.

How To Sanitize a Laptop

The process of sanitizing a laptop involves three aspects:

  1. Physically cleaning the laptop's appearance.
  2. Deleting the laptop's previous information.
  3. Installing the educational software (operating system and educational applications).

Labdoo provides two laptop sanitation manuals: a Fast Restoration Method and a Step by Step Installation Method.

The Fast Restoration Method is the fastest method to install the operating system and the educational content on a laptop.