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Review of a donated laptop

Looking through a donated laptop

In order to start Labtix or Labdoo, settings in the UEFI may need to be changed. UEFI has replaced the old BIOS system, but can usually still be used in the same way as the old BIOS interfaces.

UEFI Settings

On some laptops it is necessary to change UEFI settings:

BIOS settings
On some laptops it is necessary to change BIOS settings:

Review of a donated laptop

Check the hardware with Labtix
To start, you should check a donated computer. After all, it makes no sense to send a laptop to hot countries that already overheats in cool regions. Or if the hard drive is already "crumbling", how is it supposed to survive transport and operation in hot regions? That's why Labtix comes with useful tools to check not only the hard drive, but also speakers, temperature sensors under load and much more. more to check, if necessary to clean fan, to renew thermal paste or foil.

Durchsicht eines gespendeten Laptops

Durchsicht eines gespendeten Laptops

Um Labtix oder Labdoo zu starten sind unter Umständen Einstellungen im UEFI zu ändern. UEFI hat das alte BIOS-System abgelöst, ist aber in der Regel noch genauso zu bedienen wie die alten BIOS-Oberflächen.

UEFI Einstellungen

Bei manchen Laptops ist es nötig UEFI-Einstellungen zu ändern:

BIOS Einstellungen
Bei manchen Laptops ist es nötig BIOS-Einstellungen zu ändern: