Improved search for Labdoo



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Hello everyone,

One feature that has been lacking behind is a proper way to quickly search useful content within the Labdoo platform. We did have a search box in certain places but its features were limited.

Recently i have implemented a search box that is a bit richer in its functionalities. You will now find it in almost all the pages.

The new search box:

- Provides automatic autocomplete suggestions. For instance, try it out by typing on the search box found on the top of this page the characters "how to sanit". The search box will automatically suggest you to go to the wiki entry that explains how to sanitize a laptop.

- The search can find content in those types of pages that people is most likely to be interested in finding things, such as the wiki pages or content inside the teams (conversations, tasks, etc.). Suggestions will tell you which type of data it is and for what language (if any).

- The search box is now present in almost all pages. I know one recurring issue in the past was that it was difficult to find content because new people don't really know where stuff is located. Hopefully the search box can help the new comers quickly find explanations for specific questions they may have.

I think the search can still be improved, but i would need to know in which ways you use it to improve it. So if you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know. Thanks.