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About Project Labdoo

Labdoo is a social network that is designed from the ground up to serve a social cause. We like to call it an aid social network because the goal is not to make money, but rather to serve a social cause. As such, Labdoo has several properties:

  • It is non-profit
  • It is collaborative
  • It is fully distributed
  • The code that runs the social network is open and free (GPLv3)
  • Anyone can participate
  • It is designed to run without incurring additional CO2 emissions
  • It requires no funding to run (economic recessions proof)
  • It is free from any type of advertisement

As indicated, the code that runs Labdoo is freely available. In fact, you can install an instance of the Labdoo social network in your local computer if you want; you can copy the code, modify it, and improve it. You can also use portions of the code to create your own social network if you want to serve other social causes. The code is available from

This document provides a description of the features implemented by the Labdoo social network.

Follow the poster and learn how Labdoo works in a fun and visual way

We composed a poster that describes some of the main features of the Labdoo platform. You can access the latest version of this poster from this location. Keep in mind that the poster does not include all the features available in the platform. For a complete and detailed description of all the features, please read this guide instead. The poster should only be used to get an overall idea of the things you can do using the Labdoo social network to help spread educational laptops around the world.

Figure. The Labdoo Social Network poster

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