Umbutu loaded but not progresses



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Hi, i have sanitised a Lenovo laptop and installed a iso(EN package), everything went as expected, the image was copied properly to the hard disk, and after restarting the umbutu booting comes in and i get the window asking for the student password (everything normal untill here).
But when i put the password it does not go further, screen fllimers once and returns to same window, asking me the password again. If i put incorrect password , it lets me know it is wrong, so it has nothing to do with the password itself.
ANy suggestions on how to progress?
1-same iso image was installed just before in other computers without problem
2-hard disk on computer had partitions i did not care about, just installed the iso.file in the biggest partition

thank you!!!



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Rhein-Ruhr-Hub 在 三, 12/15/2021 - 20:12 發表

Hi Santiago,
when you reach the log-in, but after logging in you get back to the log-in, then often the Labdoo partition often is too small. This can happen e.g. when there were some problems at the end of the installation process (often when the is no "normal" hard-disk like sda, but other drive names emmc..., nvme... SSDs).
You can check and solve it using Labtix, boot it, start GParted partition manager, check file system and/or enlarge the partition causing the problem.
In 2022 there will be a new Labtix release available, being able to handle such specific disk configuration better.
If installed laptop would no reach the log-in this could be have other reasons (32 bit-CPU not able to 64 Bit image, driver problem, grub setting etc.). But in your case I would "bet" on a too small partion.
Hope this helps you.
CU, Ralf (Germany)

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Santi_Stockholm 在 三, 12/15/2021 - 21:42 發表

Hi, thank you for the fast answer! Do not have much experienxce, but on the GParted i see onöy one partition now, /dev/nvme0n1p1 with 139 GiB used, 2.3 GiB unused and 334.68 GiB ”unallocated”. ” Size ” os 476.94GiB
I did the ”Partition —->Check and the unallocated GiB disapeated!!
and now it works!!!! Ubuntu MATE on!!!
thank you!!!!!