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Template for answering requests for a personal use laptop


Thank you for contacting Labdoo.

Labdoo is a small organization with limited resources. Therefore, our laptop donations are currently prioritized for schools. By doing so, the maximum number of students can benefit from the limited resources. Should our resources grow in the future and we can expand our service, we would be happy for you to resubmit your application.

Sorry for not being able to provide you with the laptop resource, and I wish you all the best in your future.

Sincerely yours,


Template for laptop pickup reminder

Reminding the edoovillage to pick up the laptops if their volunteers haven't picked them up after 2 weeks is good. Following is a template for the email.


The laptops assigned to your project have not yet been collected. Since we have many projects waiting for laptop donations, these laptops will be reassigned to another project if they don't get picked up by next week.

Forwarding a Response

When solicitors send us a request for laptops for a school in a country COUNTRY_DESTINATION, the first response is to ask back if they know of travelers from any country COUNTRY_SOURCE where Labdoo has hubs (see the Labdoo response to laptop solicitors: https://www.labdoo.org/content/response-dootronics-solicitation). If the solicitors find travelers from a country COUNTRY_SOURCE which has Labdoo hubs, then the next step is to ask them to forward their own request to the Labdoo hubs in country COUNTRY_SOURCE.

Suggesting a School or a Hub to write their Labdoo Story

If you would like to suggest a school or a hub to write their own Labdoo story, you can copy and paste the following text and send it to them. This text is only provided as a template to avoid having to retype all the time the same paragraph, feel free to adjust it to the context of your own conversation with the school or the hub:



Thank you very much for the wonderful work you do in $COUNTRYNAME to help give a chance at education to so many students.