How to (Physically) Clean a Laptop to Make it Look New Again


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The donated used laptops often come dirty in appearance. After making sure the laptop is not broken, the next step to take is to clean the laptop case. Here's how to properly clean a laptop.

What you need: some soft clothes, a small bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol, a box of cotton swabs.

LCD Screen
LCD screens are pretty delicate, and you don't want to press hard on them, because that can burn out the pixels. Instead, grab a dry soft cloth and gently wipe the screen. If you need to, add a little bit of alcohol. In most cases, that should be all you need. Do not use anything paper-based, like paper towel, Kleenex, or toilet paper, since it can scratch up your screen.

Clean dirty keys with a swab of rubbing alcohol to remove oil, grime, and germs. Don't forget to turn the laptop's power off before you start cleaning.

A warning note
Isopropyl alcohol vapor is more dense than air and is highly flammable with a very wide combustible range. It should be kept away from heat and open flame.

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