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Hi Jordi,

Thea is a new Labdooer. Today we went through tagging process. And we realized 2 "bugs", as she was not able to access to some parts of the edoovillage data, even she should have the rights to:

  • Even her user (Thea Hillenbrand) was given the right to edit the edoovillage, she was not able to edit GICs table (laptop status).
  • and she was not able to upload pictures to the project album.
    • Please check, thanks.



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Submitted by jordi on Fri, 11/10/2017 - 10:45

Hi Ralf,

In order for Thea to be able to both edit GICs tables as well as upload photo albums, she needs to be given the role of "edoovillage manager". This is something you can do because you are a superhub. So please go to the following Thea's roles page and enable the role of "edoovillage manager" for her.

After you do this, Thea should be able to change the GICs and upload pictures. Thanks.

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Submitted by Rhein-Ruhr-Hub on Fri, 11/10/2017 - 16:54

Hi Jordi,
in the case of Thea it might be the solution, as she is thinking about setting up a hub in the future. But we have often edoovillages, where 3rd users get the right of accessing the edoovillage's data. In their cases it would not make sense to give those users hub rights, as they are only a "one-time" contributor and project partner.
Giving those users the allowance to edit a hub they also expect to be able to access GICs and scrapbook, to upload pictures. I often get mails, sending me pictures, which those users are not able to upload.
So please consider in general, what you connect with "the right to edit edoovillages". Actually it is just the edoovillage itself, not the status of linked dootronics nor the picture album. As the expectation is different (being able to edit GICs and pictures), please think about the concept. If you want to stay with the status-quo, it is ok. But I would recommend to add access to GICs and picture for those users, given the allowance to. And not to give those users hub rights.
Hope I could explain it correctly, as it is more a decision about architecture and user right concept.