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Dear Labdoers,

I'm Montse, I 'm in charge of the Labdoo Social Community , I'm not really a Community Manager "professional", I'm volunteering as you to help Labdoo reach all corners of the planet where it is needed ... and for that I need your help...

The photos that I'm currently publishing are photos of the first Labdoo projects, and I hardly have information ... only some pictures, the country and name of the school, that means that the posts are all very similar and even impersonal ... but now that we have technology and collaborative work, I wanted to ask you a favor. When you have a story, an anecdote of your project, a video or a photo ... please, do not hesitate to share them with me, so I will be able to post them in our social network.

You can tell the story of the creation of a hub, an anecdote in a dootrip, how you felt seeing the reaction of new users of laptops, etc, etc ... any story can be valid.

For the info to be published, there are 4 basic requirements:
1.- photo or video
2.- school link
3.- dootrip link (if applicable)
4.- 2 lines of the story, if in English, better, if not, I will try to translate them.
5.- your name and if you want the link of your FB / Instagram / twitter profile to mention you in the post

With this information I think we could have a nice content to feed our social networks.

One last favor, I also ask you to follow us, share the post, put your comments there, etc..
If all of us do it, it will be easier to make Labdoo well known in all over the world.
Instagram: labdoo_org

Facebook: @Labdoo



Thanks to everyone for your collaboration and I hope that all of us will become a Labdoo storytellers.

Have a wonderful day



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Submitted by Rhein-Ruhr-Hub on Thu, 10/18/2018 - 12:46

Hi Montse,

please feel free to translate and share any post/story/video posted in our German communities
Twitter LabdooDACH @HammAnnette
(There are more pages managed by Frank, Hub Zürich)
In those posts you will find the data you asked for (project name / link). We don't share dootrip link and avoid to publish too many traveler data not to attract housebreaker or we post it after their return.
Wish you success,
Ralf, (Germany)