Changing the Lives of Women and Girls in My Village

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Labdoo is changing the lives of women and girls in my village and beyond! Kisumu and Rusinga Island now have new profiles and Kakamega is joining in!

Our previous trips to a Cyber Cafe were long and far. We had to trek for miles through the scorching heat to get our fingers on the keyboards and it was expensive. So most of the time, access to computers was not possible for us.
Through the power of connection, PACHO was introduced to Labdoo and the positive impact was immediate. This power has proved unstoppable as connections continue to be made! From World Pulse to MSTERIO to Labdoo, networks and support have been created with each and every one of them contributing thoughtfully to our communities!

PACHO empowers women and girls to change their lives for the better as well as those of their children and their communities. The basis for this empowerment is skills training. For many decades, our women have been left behind and now, they are discovering that they can create the lives they want to lead. As we all develop new skills, the computers donated by Labdoo prove to be invaluable tools for us.

Physical and sexual abuse are a daily occurrence. We have vowed not to stop fighting against this violence until it comes to an end! Now that we have our own computers, we are changing the narrative! Labdoo has upped the game allowing our women and girls to communicate freely with one another and ask for help when needed. In addition, they are able to obtain the information they need regarding their rights within the laws of Kenya. Now, the perpetrators know that if a single woman is abused, action will be taken. Yes indeed, they must be stopped!

Our women and girls are also improving their literacy skills through the regular use of the internet by searching for information and communicating directly with networks, collaborators and friends across the globe. Through these actions, they are learning English, reading and writing. By teaming up with great organizations such as World Pulse [who has generously given us assistance with Training Labs], our women are making connections over the internet and finding support for their work in new and diverse ways. Using Labdoo computers, the younger women are progressing academically because they can have the relevant syllabus material at their disposal and all of this contributes to enhancing their self-esteem. In the past, some of these girls were labelled 'stupid' when they did not grasp a lesson as quickly as their teachers expected them to. This damage to their self-confidence further led them to passively accept any form of violence or abuse. But now, these girls can research, study, understand and excel at their own pace and everyday, they are growing into champions!

Nyanza, our lake region is high on the poverty scale in Kenya. We know that our women can elevate their community by becoming proficient with the World Wide Web to market their work globally. They are producing jewellery, home decor and fashion items by using locally available materials and recycled objects and through the entrepreneurial skills learned and acquired in groups, they are able to sell their goods. Some of these women are young; some are widows. All the women are changing their lives and enabling the education of their children.

When in school, the children also have access to Labdoo computers. They play educative games and can source learning materials. They are privileged beyond millions of other Kenyan children similar in age who currently have no such opportunities to use computers.

With the Labdoo computers, young women are raising their 'status' and improving their lives. Aphline says: "I no longer look back. I know where to find for what I want! Thank you PACHO, we are now able to learn from other women all over the world through your computers."

I have a team of collaborators whom I have met through my work with Labdoo. This is a powerful team and I am learning from you everyday. Thank you! There is not enough time to mention the contributions of Labdoo because they are huge.

In our villages, we now sing a different song and dance to a different tune. Thank you, Labdoo!

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