notification mails in the language of users?



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Feature request

Hi Jordi,

I know that deep in the wish list for Labdoo there is a task to redesign the text and usage of notification mails. But maybe there is an easier way to solve the need. Remember the mail from today (24.04.) from Kenya complaining about receiving too many mails? It was mainly because he received German mails.

How about leaving the text and notification mails as they are (maybe only translate the status text in the future), but adding a selection box for the user language, when adding a new notification e-mail? For registered users our systems knows, which language they selected. But for manual added emails this is unknown. Default could stay English, but via the selection box (same as selecting user language for GUI) for each email the language can be assigned. If the email text is not available for the selected language (e.g. because in translation process) default would be English.

Maybe this is easier to solve than reorganising the complete notification mails and text?

Thanks, Ralf


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Gespeichert von jordi am Do, 05/18/2017 - 05:18

Hi Ralf,

Thanks for your thoughts. I thought about your solution, though i think it's more difficult to implement for two reasons: (1) we would need to send different emails to each user depending on his/her language (which is more complex to implement, as today we send one email for all based on the most likely language. Notice that the internal implementation uses a bathing algorithm to throttle the emails going out to avoid our service provider to red flag too many emails, so adding different email languages would make the batching algorithm even more complex) and (2) for each notification email, we need to assign a language, which adds more complexity to the interface (people will wonder why is the language needed etc., and it's more prone to error as it relies on human properly setting up that field).

One solution that i think would help is to add a user friendly sentence on the top of each notification email, something like this:

Read this email in English | Lesen Sie diese Meldung in Deutsch | Leer este mensaje en espanol | llegeix aquest missatge en catala (etc)

And each of this sentence would be a hyperlink to a page in which would automatically create the template for that message using the right language.

I think this would allow every user to have a chance at reading the message in their own language. It also scales better as we don't need to add more information in the GUI and it's more robust as for sure we don't miss any language or make a human mistake to assign the wrong language to a user.

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I implemented the workflow described above.

Please verify the functionality and let me know if you spot any errors as it required a good amount of changes in the underlying code.

Please notice that implementing multilanguage support is a very complex area. It's not possible to generate a separate email for each user depending on the language because for most users we don't know their preferred language (they simply inadvertently set it to the default English) and it would also not be most scalable. I think the current solution is flexible in that it allows the users to click on their preferred language directly from the email they receive and go to a page in where the translation shows up. (See screenshot.)

In the next coming days, please check the automatic emails you receive and let me know if you spot anything that should be corrected.

There are some (only few) missing email template translations but i am going to post another conversation in the translation teams to get those resolved. Thanks.