Benefits offered to school hub members



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  • Be environmentally friendly: Learn the best practices for recycling your electronic waste(eWaste)! It is easy to forget sometimes that our electronics need to be properly disposed, just like anything else. At Labdoo, you get to learn how you might implement these practices in your own life.
  • Help bridge the digital gap:  Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have the whole world connected digitally?  Students get to help deliver technology to underprivileged communities
  • Build critical thinking and leadership skills: Being in Labdoo is all about coming up with new ideas to deliver education and technology in a green way. Students get to think outside the box.
  • Build technical experience: Each mini-mission teaches students how to sanitize a laptop and install Edubuntu (an education package built on top of a Linux-based operating system).
  • Fulfill school service requirement: Many schools encourage their students to volunteer outside their centers. Students are required to spend a minimum time to serve the community. The time contributed to Labdoo can often be used towards fulfilling these service hours. Please contact your school first to see if Labdoo fits into their requirement.
  • Be a global citizen: Labdoo is a global non-profit social network. Labdoo volunteers are taught different skills and experience many cultural backgrounds. The Labdoo community provides many opportunities to interact and learn from other volunteers across the globe.

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