Record deleted nodes



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Send an email to admin every time a node was deleted including information such as user id.


Hi Ralf,

It seems what happens is this:

- For some reason the original dootrip was deleted, this was the page which no longer exists: (the next immediate node is an action page referring to this dootrip:

- Then when a new dootrip was created, the ID allocation algorithm allocated the same Dootrip ID:

The new node ID is 55474 and the old one is 55397. They are relatively close. A new node ID gets created every time a new Labdoo object is created (e.g., dootronic, dootrip, edoovillage...), so the two IDs seem to only be a few days apart from each other. So a delete operation must have happened a few days after the dootrip was created.

2018-05-22 21:01 GMT+02:00 Ralf Hamm ( e.V. Hub Rhein-Ruhr) :

Hi Jordi,

not urgent, more curious to avoid other problems - this dootrip was created in April, but seems to be lost. I cannot remember to have to removed. But so many work, might be possible.
But now there is a new, different dootrip
May-be you can see, if it was a fault of mine (which would be good). Or if there was a problem with the data-base (which would be bad).