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Labdoo for Cities Flyer

If you are implementing Labdoo for Cities in your village or town, it will be handy for you to distribute a flyer to the local villagers to spread awareness and to let them know that they can bring their unused laptops and tablets to their closest dropping point hub. Below you can download a sample flyer to serve this purpose.

Labdoo for Cities: Protocol

The following protocol describes the actions that need to be taken by the dropping point hub (Town Hall) when receiving laptops from the citizens and when handing laptops to the sanitation hubs.

Laptop management protocol for Labdoo Dropping Point Hubs

When your hub receives a laptop from a donor:

Labdoo for Cities

Labdoo for Cities is a program that allows cities from around the world to implement the Labdoo collaborative workflow in a simple and sustainable manner. In a nutshell, Labdoo for cities works as follows: