dual boot macos ubuntu



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03: Install Ubuntu Mate

  1. Insert the bootable USB drive that you created earlier
  2. Reboot. The rEFInd boot menu will show
  3. Select EFI\BOOT\grubx64.rfi from {your USB drive name} and hit Enter
  4. Select “Try Ubuntu MATE without installing”
  5. After a few minutes or so, you should see the Ubuntu desktop
  6. Click on Install Ubuntu MATE 20.04LTS
  7. Follow the screens to complete the installation. IMPORTANT:

02: The Mac Side

If MacOS is missing
You will need to have Wifi and internet access to reinstall macOS.

  1. Booting the laptop.
  2. If it prompts you to install a new OS, simply connect to your WiFi and follow the screen
  3. Otherwise, reboot the laptop, holding both the Command and R keys until you see the Apple logo. Then select “Reinstall macOS” from the menu

If MacOS is present
If you know the password of the admin user, congratulations!. Otherwise, follow these steps to reset the password:

01: Prepare Your Stuff


  1. A 4GB or larger USB flash drive to create a bootable image
  2. (Optional but recommended) Another 4+GB USB drive or external HD to store the files that you will download later
  3. At least 40GB free on the Mac HD

Downloading Files
Download the following files from labdoo@ftp.labdoo.org:/var/www/download/macOS-ubuntu: