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BOKS- Community Development Lessons

BOKS is a set of lessons designed to help lift communities out of poverty. It involves the cumulative knowledge of doctors, nutritionists and agricultural experts who have worked among the world's poor, and pooling that information into a practical, and easy-to-use video curriculum.

We thank for granting Labdoo the right to freely distribute this curriculum with the Labdoo laptops. You can watch a brief introductory lesson on the video below:

Educational Software

[Update 20.04 LTS] [Please print and attach this sheet to your dootronic shipment to ensure that the recipient knows how to use the computer. To print this sheet, click on 'Printer-friendly version' at the bottom of this page. Make sure to print it using the double page option in your printer settings to minimize the amount of paper used. Also, please print only one copy of this document for each group of laptops shipped together.] uses:

Installing Education Packages Using Scripts

In addition to installing the base Edubuntu education package, users are encouraged to also install a set of additional valuable educational resources. These additional resources are installed by executing a set of scripts through a simple process described in this section. If you have questions or suggestions please write your messages directly in the Labdoo QA Team Wall.

List of Available Scripts