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Laptop status update when a laptop gets transported to a different location

The laptop surely will need to be transported to different locations in the donation journey from the initial laptop donation until reaching the laptop recipient school.

If the laptop is transporting from one location to another location, it is very important to keep the laptop's location current. Below is the instruction on how to update the laptop location.

Information IT-Spender

Vielen Dank, dass du / Ihr / sie sich über IT-Spenden für Labdoo informieren. Der Einfachheit halber bleiben wir im folgenden Text beim "du", sonst würde der Text doppelt so lang ;). Es würde uns freuen, wenn du uns dein Vertrauen schenkst und du uns eure ausgemusterte, private oder Firmen-IT spendest.

Information for Dootrippers (Travelers)

Dear Dootripper,

Thank you for taking one or more laptops to an Edoovillage, it’s an important contribution! Your action is a key step towards helping make Labdoo a sustainable project. By reusing laptops and repurposing your trip, you are not only bringing education to needy schools, but you are also helping to preserve the planet by avoiding generating additional CO2 emissions.

In this section you will find information that will help you make your trip more efficient, safe, and fun.