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Labdoo School Hub Officer Application

Please copy/paste the selected form into your favorite word processor, fill in each question, and email the form to your parent hub manager at

Labdoo School Hub Officer Application Form

School Name:
School Year:

Your Name:
Email Address:
Grade Level:

Select Desired Officer Position(s):
President/Secretary/Treasurer/VP of Public Relationship
(*We recommend selecting multiple positions in case other candidates apply for the same position.)

Short Answers

Responsibilities of a School Hub Manager

Thank you for your interest in being the bridge between Labdoo and your school community!

As you decide to bring Labdoo to your school and help bring education to underprivileged students with repurposed laptops, please carefully read the following information, and we look forward to reviewing your Labdoo School Hub Application!

Labdoo User Account Registration: All officers need to register a Labdoo user account.

Where Can I Start?

The following instructions can help you start and maintain a Labdoo School Club

Remember, regardless of the cause, commitment and good communication are crucial to lead a successful social project and help the community. If you are decided to create a Labdoo Hub in your school, the following steps will guide you through the process: