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The Importance of Updating Dootronics as Soon as Possible

Labdoo is a humanitarian project, its goal is to help spread education as much as possible by delivering laptops loaded with educational content. To do so, it relies on contributions made by many people around the world, both in terms of physical laptops donated and a very large number of collective hours dedicated by many volunteers (people who collect unused laptops, sanitize them, travel with them or simply tell the Labdoo story).

Global Inventory Checks (GICs)

At Labdoo, we all like the joy of seeing our laptops loaded with education software deployed in schools around the globe. But it is also very important that all the devices we deploy can eventually find their way to a recycling factory. The risk of not doing so is the generation of electronic waste in places that don't have the means to recycle technology, which is a potential problem that could defeat the good intentions of our efforts.