Edoovillage #2125 - Cameroon, Nkongsamba, Cite Verte : Integrated ICTs Education for the Challenges of Globalization


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Edoovillage #2125 - Cameroon, Nkongsamba, Cite Verte : Integrated ICTs Education for the Challenges of Globalization


P.O Box 691
Nkongsamba, Cite Verte , LIT
4° 56' 13.9128" N, 9° 56' 9.7044" E
Littoral Province CM
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Integrated ICTs Education for the Challenges of Globalization
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6.2 Phone(*): (+237)679-06-07-09
6.3 Email(*): acedevcome2018@yahoo.com

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Integrated ICTs Education for the Challenges of Globalization is projects aimed in equipping children with skills that will enable them meet with the challenges of the new era of information rich society driven by computer technology thus bridging the gap of digital divide and equally enhance effective teaching-learning process through Computer Assisted Teaching and Learning.
It is worth noting that Nkongsamba is one of the Town in the Littoral Region with a high population of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) more than 3,000 IDPs since the socio-political situation in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon escalated in late 2016 with schools going on unperturbed compared to other places like Kupe Muanenguba , Meme, Manyu Divisions of the South West regions where schools have almost halted and their population has moved to Littoral Region for safety. Internally displaced persons and educational refugees are flooding Nkongsamba community every day.  We believe education must be continued even in the face of crisis and we are doing our best in this regards. The organization exists to build human resources competent to meet the eminent challenges in today’s society. We believe that in the process of building human capital that can meet the challenges of the contemporary society of today driven by Information and Communication Technologies, the teaching of ICTs must not be a mere theoretical concept rather, it should be more of a practical subject that offers learners real experiences of manipulating and working directly on a computer.
The project is aimed at equipping less privilege children, youths and women with computer, entrepreneurship and micro-project conception, writing and implementation skills for employment, self-reliance and integration into the digital world. The specific objectives of the project are:
To setup a multimedia and resource center equipped with 20computers, internet facility and a mini-resource library;
To bridge the digital divide through integrated practical training on application software, operating system and hardware maintenance;
To enable primary school pupils and secondary school students have access to basic computer practical skills;
To run professional ICT related courses on video editing, networking, computerized accounting, graphic and web designing;
To integrate entrepreneurship and micro-project writing skills in training activities
The general public have access to intensive computer training which is a rare opportunity in the community;
IDPs Pupils and students from various schools have opportunity to do practical computer lessons in the center. Computer is a rare resource in all the schools in the community;
Trainees acquire employability and creative skills to find jobs or create their own jobs.
At least 80 percent of the trainees find or create jobs thereby reducing the rate of unemployment and economic dependency;
Trainees, pupils and students become computer literate hence able to integrate themselves and connect to the digital world thereby bridging the digital divide;
Mind set of trainees changed from pessimistic to optimistic, positive and assertive;
Trainees develop self-confidence to face life challenges through socialization and empowerment;
Trainees become resource persons for multiplication and continuity of knowledge in homes and the general society;
At least 20% of the trainees set up their own microenterprises and community based organizations through knowledge acquired on project conception, writing, implementation and evaluation;
Trainees able to do research online, search for job opportunities, market their skills and do distant education;
Trainees able to manage computer resources by applying security techniques;
Trainees able to use computer resources ethically;
Field experience, lesson learned and good practices are documented and disseminated among different stakeholders.
Economic dependency of women and youth among the beneficiaries reduced;

What are you going to do with the laptops?
The requested laptops will facilitate Teaching of ICT education by equipping children with skills that will enable them meet with the challenges of the new era of information rich society driven by computer technology thus bridging the gap of digital divide. The laptops will equally enhance effective teaching-learning process through computer assisted teaching and learning. The laptops will be used strictly for education.

The laptops will therefore be used to train Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) children and orphans in various aspects such as using a computer to type, draw, calculate, design and perform other basic operations.

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8 laptops, 2 tablets
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Date it was last updated: 26/07/21


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