Edoovillage #2561 - Gambia, Ghana Town: Kids are the world, Gambia


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Edoovillage #2561 - Gambia, Ghana Town: Kids are the world, Gambia


Kids are the world
Ghana Town , WE
13° 33' 59.796" N, 15° 19' 19.596" W
Western GM
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Project title: 
Kids are the world, Gambia
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On-site point of contact: 

Jasmina Kozinc, Phone(*): +220 791 2618, Email(*): info@kidsaretheworld.com

Project description: 

Kids are the World is a non governmental, voluntary, non profit, and humanitarian organization, whose aim is to rise life quality of kids, teenagers and families and involve of kids in education while simultaneously help them reach productive and successful future. Our vision is enabling education for poor children in Gambia on their way to independency. Our core values are children, equality, respect, fairness, transparency and dedication. We conduct our activities in three sections, which are intertwined. First one is the Sponsorship project, whose main purpose is to find financial aid for children from socially deprivileged families and assuring free education with the help from sponsors. The second section is the program Travel as a volunteer, through which we offer help in organising volunteer work in various sectors in Gambia. The third section is career and educational centre which is offering free education for 100 kids of three levels of nursery school. Career and Educational centre will also be the base for many future projects, such as educational courses, skills trainings and support and advice in finding a job for youngsters and unemployed.

We would like to have a computer classroom to start with computer courses for all those who are trying to get additional knowledge to help them in finding employment. Computer courses will consist of basic computer training, basics of social media management, basics of online browsing. Later on we will perform intensive classes and trainings on computer science. The other project is for kids in the nursery school to enable modern approach through access to educational applications on tablets. For example, The Alphabet King. Children would have access to educational apps in order to interactively learn and deepen the knowledge of the alphabeth, sounds of letters, numbers, counting and other knowledge gained through yearly lesson plan. We are also working on our library, where ebook readers will bring a great value and wider access to the literature.

Green: the rest of the dootronics can be sent
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Dootronics additional notes: 
E-Book Reader: 5 Tablet-PC's: -20
Local language(s): 
English, Mandinka, Wollof
Socket voltage: 
220-240 Volts
Socket type: 
Internet connection type: 
Internet additional notes: 
Wireless, yes in the future when the project starts
Date it was created: 05/06/23/
Date it was last updated: 05/06/23


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