Pakistan, Gujranwala: Zephaniah Free School to raise the status of women through education


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Traveling to this country and you would like to bring a laptop to this project? Reach out to Labdoo and we will help you make the difference.


Pakistan, Gujranwala: Zephaniah Free School to raise the status of women through education


Zephaniah Free School
Chah kikar wala Aroop mod Sialkot Road
52250 Gujranwala , P
32° 13' 9.4836" N, 74° 14' 5.4708" E
Punjab PK
Thank you note: 

Dear Jordi

Here are the photos of laptops, thank you again for such an amazing gift, we have launched two new schools just two months before and we will use some of the devices there too therefor I am very glad to inform you that from now onward 300 children, girls and women will take lessons from these laptops which you and your team has donated us, will share more photos to you soon

With Respect

Sister Zeph

Project title: 
Zephaniah Free School to raise the status of women through education
Number of teachers: 
Number of students: 
On-site point of contact: 

Rifat Arif
zeph Free Center chah kikar wala Aroop mod Sialkot road Gujranwala Punjab Pakistan Zip: 52250

Project description: 

We are working in Rural Pakistan since 18 years to raise the status of women through education and empowerment and along with many other skills we teach them to use computer also, in every three months 12 girls learn this skill from our free center and transform their lives.

More about our project:

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Green: the rest of the dootronics can be sent
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If possible, we would like to have 7 laptops + 1 ebook reader + 1 tablet.
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Date it was created: 18/03/16/
Date it was last updated: 31/01/21


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Dootrip #0000001332016-03-25T12:00:00Vancouver, United StatesGujranwala, PakistanCompleted44


The origins

As a child, Sister Zeph was a bit naughty. You would find her often making jokes at school and pulling her classmates’ legs. She also had a dream: that one day she would become a lawyer. At the age of thirteen, her first article on Women’s rights appeared in Jung, a very famous newspaper in Pakistan. Then in the course of her growing years, one incident changed her life forever.
"I left my school when I was in Grade Seven,” says Sister Zeph. “I decided to never go back to that school. I was so humiliated by what happened. One day while at school, I delivered a speech to my class, acting like a teacher. I was standing on the teacher’s chair. When our teacher came into class, she lost her temper and started beating me for my little tirade, in front of my classmates. I was just crying and crying; I was hurt mentally and psychologically. This was not the right way to teach a child who was just being a child."
So at 13, Sister Zeph told her parents that she would stop going to school and that she had envisioned another plan: she would create her own school where she could be the teacher of her own learnings to other girls in Pakistan.
"It was funny for the people around me—no one trusted me and no-one was ready to join my school because I was just a kid. In the beginning, there was only one student. I started my classes in open air. When I started, there were no pens, no papers, I only had a few books. When it rained, we had to shut shop. Our roof was the sky. Our limit is the sky."
Sister Zeph and her school have now taught more than 500 girls.



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