Kenya, Kangemi: Educating the vulnerable children using computers


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Traveling to this country and you would like to bring a laptop to this project? Reach out to Labdoo and we will help you make the difference.


Kenya, Kangemi: Educating the vulnerable children using computers


Along the Thiongo road
1° 16' 22.5696" S, 36° 44' 37.7304" E
Thank you note: 

Dear sir,

I am overwhelmed by your reply. I always understand that you have a tight schedule. Yes, we really need more laptops since currently our school is the only one in one in the locality offering free computer lessons and ICT integrated curriculum. For this reason, the number of students joining us has been increasing with each day. Granting us some few would really help to improve the ratio of 1 computer to 25 students to a better number. Truly, the laptops are so valuable to us. Just as you requested, I will tell the students to do the writings explaining the importance of the devices in studies and then I will scan the copies and send them to you this afternoon. Thank you so much. I really value your response and the work you do is greatly appreciated. We will really be glad at your help.Have a wonderful day.


Project title: 
Educating the vulnerable children using computers
Number of teachers: 
Number of students: 
On-site point of contact: 

Godfrey Oriato

Project description: 

We require laptops to be used in educating the vulnerable children such as for computer classes

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Wired or Wireless
Date it was created: 07/11/13/
Date it was last updated: 14/01/18


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Dootronic ID Country Status Model Serial number Weight
000002380 Kenya [S4] Deployed and being used Dell Latitude D620 15132731131 2.00Kgms
000002382 Kenya [S4] Deployed and being used DELL LATITUDE D620 33444445195 2.00Kgms
000002691 Kenya [S4] Deployed and being used Dell 80045-610-020-607
000002692 Kenya [S4] Deployed and being used DELL intel core duo inside 268-052-030-83
000002693 Kenya [S4] Deployed and being used Dell 338-802-666-67
000003139 Kenya [S4] Deployed and being used TOSHIBA 17194548Q


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Sometimes ago it sprung,
Just as a small herb from ground
Today, it has become a great hardwood,
Like the African mugumo
A product of the great minds.

And the herb grew bigger,
Creating its present hubs,
All people unite through it
A real bridge to technology
I thank the leadership
Of the three pillars.

My word I give to you
Not even in writing that it be clear
If I was to recite, louder it would be
But allow me to whisper,
You are a wonderful gift
And your minds are a blessing!



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