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This wiki book includes a list of email templates that labdooers can use to help automate the process of replying to email requests. For instance, when a hub manager receives an edoovillage creation request from a destination school, the manager can automatically use the 'Response to Dootronics Solicitation' template. While each request will have its own specific requirements, using general templates to help automate responses to email requests help in two ways:

  • They help standardize and unify the messages that all labdoeers provide to solicitors, making the process more globally consistent/coherent.
  • They avoid labdooers having to re-write over and over emails that are identical or very similar.

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Frequently Used Email Templates

Response to Dootronics Solicitation

Response to Dootronics Donors

Response to a Dootrip Offering

Response to Tax Receipt Request

Response When You Cannot/Did Not Meet Delivery Deadline

Response to an Unreasonable Request

Response when Applicant does not fulfil Labdoo Requirements

Response to Request for Information

Forwarding a Response

Informative Message to Your Regional Hubs

Edoovillage Request Form

Sample Outreach Letters for School Hubs

Dootripper's Travel Letter

Donation Letter

Template for Laptop Ready to be picked up

Template for answering requests for a personal use laptop

Template for laptop pickup reminder

Welcome Message to Labdoo Hubs

Asking your friends for a dootrip

Request of more information to solicitors

Response to Data Deletion