Response to Tax Receipt Request


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Thank you for helping to give children a better education with your laptops.

As you may know, Labdoo runs as a distributed / humanitarian social network platform. The donation process propagates from one volunteer to the next, until the laptop reaches its school destination. Our system provides a communication platform for volunteers across more than 100 nations and financial boundaries. Labdoo does not need monetary donations to sustain itself thanks to our collaborative approach. Our no-money approach also implies that there is no chance of financial corruption. With over $CURRENT_NUMBER_OF_LABDOO_LAPTOPS laptops delivered to $CURRENT_NUMBER_LABDOO_SCHOOLS different schools, this model demonstrates the efficacy of running an organization just through collaboration and without the need for funding.

Because of the above reason, Labdoo does not issue tax receipts. By registering your laptops in the Labdoo system, you can be assured that the working laptops are properly delivered via the platform-generated email notification that you receive from the recipient schools, which you can use as proof of your donation to that school. You will also receive email notifications on the status of broken laptops as they make their way to the recycling facility.

Thanks for your understanding and for your joint effort in making the Labdoo system transparent and efficient.

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