Philippines, Mansalay: Stiftunglife Students Project


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Philippines, Mansalay: Stiftunglife Students Project


Mansalay , MIC
12° 31' 11.8596" N, 121° 26' 24.2952" E
Mindoro Occidental PH
Brève description du projet: 
Stiftunglife Students Project
Nombre d'enseignants/professeurs: 
Nombre d'élèves/étudiants: 
On-site point of contact: 

Dr. Thomas Oursin and Leslie Narveaz

Description de projet: 

In the Philippines, there are many pupils taking a class or equivalent - but still can not study because the parents do not have the money to send their children
to study. These top-class high school graduates, those special talents should get their chance. Every spring we accept thirty applications. The best we invite
you to a round of interviews. Students accepted, must go to collage and study his chosen subject. A study to become teacher is at the top in the rankings.
We finance the study period the livelihood of around 80 euros a month. This will be extremely tight, there is a bit of support then mostly still of the family.
Later, when a teacher has become of the student with a permanent position, then we expect the partial repayment in favor of the following talents.
All students are supervised and controlled locally by Leslie Narveaz, our colleague in Manila. Meanwhile, we strive here to find an appropriate mentor for each
of our students. Thomas and Leslie take care of this project.

I am Leslie and I live on Mindoro, that is one of the bigger Islands on the Philippines. All together there are more then 7.000 islands with 92 million people
in the Philippines. I am working as a social development worker since 1986, that means my whole life. I love to work with children, young peolpe and families.
I work with the Canossian Sisters since 2003. I look after young people, who want to bring change in their lives. One way for this change is education.
I bring Norbert and Jurgen to two highschools on our island, and we choose the best 14 students with poor parents for scholarship. I will guide these 14 young
people now for the next years for the Stiftunglife student program. In this way, i will help them to develop their own skills, knowledge and attitudes,
to become good people.

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