Argentina, LA PLATA: To provide children in project "La Maquina de los Sueños" with laptops


Message d'état

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Argentina, LA PLATA: To provide children in project "La Maquina de los Sueños" with laptops


La Máquina de los Sueños
Calle 148, 35 y 36
34° 56' 20.7672" S, 58° 0' 42.8184" W
Coordination de hub(s): 
Brève description du projet: 
To provide children in project "La Maquina de los Sueños" with laptops
Nombre d'enseignants/professeurs: 
Nombre d'élèves/étudiants: 
On-site point of contact: 

Sra. Liliana Alvarez, Prof. Graciela Cavalieri (lilianamalvarez AT yahoo DOT com DOT ar / gracielacavalieri AT fibertel DOT com DOT ar)

Description de projet: 

The “Máquina de los Sueños” is a non-profit association founded in 1998 and located in the town of La Plata, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We provide assistance in the form of social and educational support to underprivileged children from families with social and economic difficulties. Among other activities, we support courses, workshops and other services in order to provide better possibilities of subsistence and better future for children and adults through training and education. Among the different workshops, that we run a computer laboratory/workshop, with the technical support of the “Digital Inclusion Project” of the School of Informatics, University of La Plata. Currently classes are held one day per week for people of all ages and currently includes 15 students. The classes are coordinated by the Ms Alejandra Olarte (Scientific Calculator) and Ms Silvia Oxalde (student of Systems Analyst), both sent by the Faculty of Informática.Las lessons are held in small groups according to the limited equipment available (most of the computers are obsolete, out or order or do not work properly, at the moment only 6 are functioning); due to this limitation of equipment the lessons have to be organized/grouped according to age and interests. The result of this project component so far is very satisfactory and we would like to continue and improve and provide further and continued support.

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Langue(s) locale(s): 
Douille de tension: 
220-240 Volts
Type de connexion Internet: 
Wired or Wireless
Date it was created: 27/09/11/
Date it was last updated: 18/02/16


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000000044 Argentina [S4] Deployed and being used ThinkPad X61 unknown
000000090 Argentina [S4] Deployed and being used Toshiba Satellite A15 000080d1398c2 3.00Kgms
000000204 Argentina [S4] Deployed and being used hp pavilion ze4900 3.00Kgms
000000426 Argentina [S4] Deployed and being used TOSHIBA SATELLITE unknown
000000447 Argentina [S4] Deployed and being used Ahtec, 8500V unknown 4.20Kgms
000000473 Argentina [S4] Deployed and being used HP Compaq Business Notebook Nc6000 unknown 2.28Kgms
000000586 Argentina [S4] Deployed and being used DELL Latitude D610 unknown 2.50Kgms
000001487 Argentina [S4] Deployed and being used Dell Latitude 620 Unknown


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