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Laptop status update when a laptop gets transported to a different location

The laptop surely will need to be transported to different locations in the donation journey from the initial laptop donation until reaching the laptop recipient school.

If the laptop is transporting from one location to another location, it is very important to keep the laptop's location current. Below is the instruction on how to update the laptop location.

Labdoo Guía para Rescatar una Laptop

Existen varias estrategias para recolectar laptops no utilizados de su comunidad local. Muchas de las personas que usted conoce tienen computadoras portátiles sin usar sentadas ociosas y el objetivo es darles una opción para reutilizarlas y convertirlas en poderosos dispositivos educativos. Aquí hay algunas ideas para ayudarle a encontrar y rescatar portátiles inactivos.

1. Piense en 5 personas que probablemente donarán sus computadoras portátiles usadas.

How To Sanitize a Laptop

The process of sanitizing a laptop involves three aspects:

  1. Physically cleaning the laptop's appearance.
  2. Deleting the laptop's previous information.
  3. Installing the educational software (operating system and educational applications).

Labdoo provides two laptop sanitation manuals: a Fast Restoration Method and a Step by Step Installation Method.

The Fast Restoration Method is the fastest method to install the operating system and the educational content on a laptop.

Information IT-Spender

Vielen Dank, dass du / Ihr / sie sich über IT-Spenden für Labdoo informieren. Der Einfachheit halber bleiben wir im folgenden Text beim "du", sonst würde der Text doppelt so lang ;). Es würde uns freuen, wenn du uns dein Vertrauen schenkst und du uns eure ausgemusterte, private oder Firmen-IT spendest.