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Before you travel, you need to know:

  • Number of laptops you can carry. Practically all countries accept people carrying 2 laptops without any problem. If you are carrying more than 2 laptops, we recommend that you check the customs rules of the specific country you are traveling to. If you plan on carrying more laptops than what the rules allow you to, distribute them equally among the people who are traveling with you. For instance, if you are carrying 6 laptops and you are traveling with 2 more people, have each person carry 2 laptops.
  • Check in the laptops. If you are flying, we recommend you to pack the laptops in the luggage that you will be checking in at the airport (instead of in your carry-on luggage). This way your laptop will travel all the way to the destination without you having to worry about it.
  • For a larger number of laptops, bring a dootripper letter. If you need to carry more laptops than what the customs rules allow, you will need to explain that the laptops are not for commercial use but for educational and humanitarian purposes. To do so, we recommend you to print the 'Dootripper letter' which you will find in the Labdoo Toolkit and to take it with you.
  • Batteries. Almost all laptop batteries are under 100 Wh and can be transported without any restriction in your checked luggage or in your hand luggage. If your battery wattage is under100 Wh, an approval from the airline is not required. Otherwise, please check the IATA rules at the time of your trip or feel free to pose a question to the Labdoo teams community: For the latest information, please visit directly:

  • Figure 1. Lithium batteries you can bring (source:

    Figure 2. Examples of lithium batteries.

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