Supporting letters for travellers ("Flugpaten")


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as German travellers (dootrippers, Flugpaten) frequently ask for a letter, which they could present at the custom just in case, the Labdoo (Germany) worked out a letter in various languages. Thanks to Leidy (ES) and Donaly (FR) for their contribution translating the letter :)

The letters may-be only useful for travellers leaving from Germany, but may-be the concept can be used in other countries / other languages by local Labdoo associations? So other Labdoo communities / associations can prepare similar letters?

You can download the supporting letters as examples from Germany for travellers from our FTP server:

These letters are not a guarantee that there will no tax or fees to be paid. In addition Labdoo recommends to transport a small amount of laptops per traveller. In case of transporting a large amount of laptops the project / edoovillage is asked to present supporting letters as well, e.g. from the Bishop, Imam, Mayor, regional officials etc. or ask for a support by the Ministry of education.


Ralf Hamm (Germany)


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Submitted by jordi on Sun, 10/08/2017 - 17:18

This is great Ralf, thank you for sharing.

In other regions we are also using a similar letter, which can be found in our wiki under the toolkit book:

People can freely use any of these letters to compose their own or use them as they are. @Ralf, if you think that's the right place, feel free to add the links to your letters on the above wiki page as well so others can find them too.

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Submitted by Rhein-Ruhr-Hub on Mon, 10/09/2017 - 15:23

Hi Jordi,

yes, I know the above mentioned travel letter. The difference is - "your" travel letter has to be filled in from the receiving project for the traveller. "My" letter is different, no fill-in of data needed (laptop list as an enclosure is optional) and - most important - this letter is from Labdoo (Germany) for the traveller. I was not able to find any letter from Labdoo for travellers. The letter, you mentioned, is another option, but has to be worked out from the receiving project. Ours is a ready-to-use letter from Labdoo for the traveller :) As we have so many dootrippers leaving from Germany and many asked for a letter we worked it out. Just to let the other country chapter know...