Cannot run Labtix in a brand new laptop



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I am not able to run labtix in a brand new HP15s-fq 108 one laptop. I changed the bios to legacy and could start laptix, but after the firs screen that comes up ok (so it does boot from the labtix usb) when i select labtix (or other options such as file safe or safevideo) then the screen goes dark blue and nothing happens.
Anybody knows how to solve it?
It is a brand new laptop with windows OS.


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Hi Elena,
as I am not able to reproduce the problem without the identical laptop, I can only tell, what I tried in similar cases. Fortunately they are very, very rare.
Sometime hidden deep inside a BIOS there are settings, which keep Labtix away from starting correctly. They are hard to find and even I am wondering, which setting was causing a problem. In such cases I reset the BIOS to factory setting and try again.
If you tried all typical options (failsafe, safe video, BIOS reset etc), then you can try this

  • Remove the disk-drive from the laptop, use an external USB-adapter to connect this disk-drive to a different laptop. Install the image you need via this 2nd laptop (please mind that drive name to address will change to sdb, sdc or similar). Once install, build this disk-driver into the laptop causing the problem.
  • Try a different installation tool, e.g. either Clonezilla as tool on a new, bootable USB-disk drive (; you will miss the comfort of everything being automatically adapted, but better than nothing) or parted magic (our installation tool from years ago; the actual versions are not for free or you use the older, free release

Hope one of the suggested procedure will work for you.
Ralf (Germany)