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Let's start describing some of the activities you will be able to carry within your own Labdoo hub. Some activities may require technical experience, for example, hosting a sanitation workshop, but most activities rely on organization and leadership skill.

As part of a Hub you can choose to do any of the following activities. A best practice is to start with "outreach" and "collect and tag laptops" first, and then progressively increase as you gain experience. In any case, you decide which activities you can carry out depending on your resources, preferences and availability.

  • Outreach your community. Let people know about the digital divide and eWaste problems, and mobilize people to help the Labdoo cause.
  • Collect and tag laptops. Collect unused laptops from your local community and maintain your own laptop inventory.
  • Sanitation workshops. Get together with friends and members of your hub, sanitize unused laptops, install Ubuntu and the education software, and package dootronics ready to go on a new mini-mission.
  • Dootrips. Organize your own dootrips by mobilizing travelers in your own area.
  • Create edoovillages. Identify schools that need laptops and set up new edoovillage projects with them.
  • Recycle Laptops. Recycle laptops that no longer work and help reduce eWaste.

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