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Wikipedia for school is a filtered, freely available subset of Wikipedia, according to the British curriculum. Wikipedia for schools is available in English (en, release 2008 and 2013), Spanish (es), French (fr) and Portuguese (pt). The English wikipedia for schools is already part of the English RACHEL collection. Wikipedia for schools needs about 6.5GB disk space.

Wikipedia for schools occupies about 6.5GB of disk space, except for the English Release 2008 which occupies about 2.5GB.

To install Wikipedia for schools, first, download the zip into your local disk. You can download the file in the required language from the Labdoo FTP server at Open the language folder you need (e.g. EN for English) and download the archive *wikipedia_for_schools*.

Installing Wikipedia for schools on a Labdoo laptop

Once you download the file, unzip it in the folder /home/labdoo/Public/wikis (the downloading and unzipping operations could take some time depending on the speed of your network and computer). Once unzipped, double click on the file/home/labdoo/Public/wikis/xx/xx-wikipedia-for-schools/index.html (where xx is the country/language code ) to open a web browser that will take you to the initial page of wikipedia for schools.

To create access easier, we recommend making the default web browser page point to the Wikipedia for Schools' initial page. For that, open the web browser (these instructions are for Firefox but similar steps apply to other browsers) and go to File => Open File [ navigate to /home/labdoo/Public/xx/xx-wikipedia-for-schools/index.html ] => Open. Then go to Edit => Preferences [ opens a window for the settings, click on "Use current pages" and close the tab "Preferences" ]. Please repeat any of the configuration steps for both the 'Labdoo' and the 'student' user accounts that come with the Labdoo computer.

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