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What it is:

Labdoo Km0 is a workflow inside the Labdoo platform dedicated to helping the neighbour right next to you that is severely affected by the digital divide.

Why it exists:

Planet earth is giving us signals: our current way of living is not sustainable. In 2020 humanity has fought to flatten the curve of a pandemic. It’s now time to work together to flatten the much larger curve of climate change. At Labdoo, we believe that such challenge will require changing our way of living, moving from an economy fuelled by ever increasing consumption, to a society where the circular economy sits at the center of its logistical system.

Labdoo Km0 is one of the workflows implemented by the Labdoo platform designed to operate locally at a global scale. The objective of this program is to eradicate the digital divide found in our neighbour communities by delivering educational laptops using Labdoo’s circular economy.

The Outcome:

Labdoo Km0 provides a very simple process that anyone can do. In just 4 hours of your time, you can change the life of a child and help significantly reduce the effects of climate change. Every time you recycle a laptop and give it to a needy child, you are:

  • Creating an incredible educational opportunity to that child.
  • Helping to flatten the climate change curve by reducing 18.59 Kgms of CO2 for each rescued laptop.

How it works:

Enjoy the most unique and amazing human feeling of giving happiness to another human being!

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