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What it is:

Labdoo Km0 is a workflow inside the Labdoo platform dedicated to helping those neighboring schools right next to you that are affected by the digital divide.

Why it exists:

Labdoo Km0 is one of the workflows implemented by the Labdoo platform designed to operate locally at a global scale. The objective of this program is to eradicate the digital divide found in our neighbour communities by delivering educational laptops using Labdoo’s circular economy.

The Outcome:

Labdoo Km0 provides a very simple process that anyone can do. In just 4 hours of your time, you can change the life of a child and help significantly reduce the effects of climate change. Every time you recycle a laptop and give it to a needy child, you are:

  • Creating an incredible educational opportunity to that child.
  • Helping to flatten the climate change curve by reducing 18.59 Kgms of CO2 for each rescued laptop.

How it works:

Enjoy the most unique and amazing human feeling of giving happiness to another human being!

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