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Thank you for your interest in and requesting an IT donation. IT donations are usually given to associations, schools, integration projects, children or youth projects related to education. Labdoo's options are limited, so the acceptance of applications is subject to certain requirements.

In Germany, under certain conditions, students from disaster areas (e.g. flood victims) or children from socially disadvantaged or immigrant families can apply for one (1) laptop for the duration of their schooling or studies (details see below).

Important: Laptops are donated to Labdoo precisely because current Windows versions such as Windows 10 or 11 are not running on them. Therefore, Labdoo installs the Linux operating system (Ubuntu, freely available). If you install Windows anyway, the computers usually become extremely slow, if not unusable. Labdoo therefore generally delivers its IT donations with Linux. If you absolutely need Windows, you have to buy the appropriate devices yourself. Please also consider the license costs incurred under Windows, virus problems, etc.

In our German FAQ Forum you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can find a project presentation here and all previous projects here.

Application for schools and projects

Eligible to apply Prerequisites Procedure
Association or school, a children's or youth project related to education in Germany or abroad
  • Proof of need and project, e.g. via website, photos of the project, etc.
  • For projects abroad, the official school / NGO certificate of the government is also required
  • Fill out and submit application.
Contact Labdoo, requesting the application documents and sending in the required evidence

For Germany:, Contact form, +49 (0)176 46 29 78 46 WhatsApp / Signal)

For Switzerland:

What is the procedure?

  1. Contact Labdoo (Germany and other countries:, Switzerland:, requesting the application form from Labdoo,
  2. Submission of an application, possibly with photos and other documents; then Labdoo will check your documents
  3. Preparation of the IT donation(s) on request by the applicant, e.g. for a scheduled flight or transport sponsor (please plan several weeks, rather months in advance; the higher the number of devices, the more time our volunteers will need)
    1. for Germany: pick-up for projects by arrangement in a Labdoo hub or delivery by parcel service; Devices requested for needy pupils or students are usually sent by parcel service.
    2. for Switzerland: only collection at Labdoo (Switzerland) possible

The IT donations provided by Labdoo are registered, given an ID number and assigned to a project. This makes it possible to check whether the IT donations received are still being used in the project. Defective IT donations will be exchanged free of charge if the defective device is returned, but user data will not be transferred (previous backup by the user).

In our wiki you will find a chapter for projects in German, English, French, Spanish.
To the application form (please mark the desired section in the required language and copy and paste in Word or use a text editor, fill in, save and send in).

Solving the logistic is important for a decision as to whether an application from abroad will be accepted, e.g. whether there can be named flight sponsors through the applicant / project who occasionally fly to the target country, visit the project and can take IT donations with them or whether there are aid shipments where IT donations can be given as an accessory pack. Labdoo does not take over the transport of IT donations to the project.

Due to the large number of IT donations and projects, it is necessary that you inform us several weeks or months before departure so that our volunteers have enough time to prepare the IT donations and send them to the flight sponsor, read more here.

Labdoo then needs the following information for each flight sponsor (traveler) in order to create a flight sponsorship in our database:

  • Name, phone no. as well as e-mail and postal address of the flight sponsor (important: the name must be visible on the bell at the address given, otherwise the parcel service will not deliver),
  • Departure date (i.e. when must the laptops be with the flight supervisor at the latest),
  • Number of laptops to be taken (recommended for flights 1 to max. 3 pieces per person),
  • for which project (please include a link or project number/name; you will receive this upon acceptance of the application), a list of all projects here.

Labdoo only starts working on your IT donations with your notification! Of course, we can only pass on the IT hardware that was previously donated to us. Therefore, we cannot say when the IT donation you need will be available.

You can of course also help yourself, for example by informing your personal environment or social network and calling for IT donations. For example, inform the press and start an appeal. Graphics and logos can be found here

You can collect, prepare and install IT donations yourself and benefit from our know-how. Everything you need is freely available on our website and FTP server.

For Labdoo (Germany): Labdoo incurs delivery costs of around €5 per device (when picked up from the hub) and a further €5 for shipping per computer (half the price for tablets and readers). In order to keep Labdoo deliverable in the long term, please help us by supporting our association with a donation.

If you have any questions, Labdoo is happy to help.

Labdoo (Germany)
Labdoo (Austria)
Labdoo (Switzerland)

Application for pupil, student or vocation
(offer only made by Labdoo Germany only for recipients within Germany and only while stocks last. Asking for a specific configuration, brand or high performance device is an exclusion criterion.)

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Labdoo (Germany) supports pupils, students, vocational trainees in emergency situations, e.g. flood victims, etc. Under certain conditions, an application can be made for one (1) laptop per family (no tablets). If you are not in school, training or studying, unfortunately you cannot apply. Students at an online university cannot apply.

  1. request If possible, please fill-in digital, not by hand and return to Labdoo (request in Ukrainian
  2. Confirmation of school Please have the German school sign and stamp this confirmation, then present it to Labdooär....
    For students at an university only: A copy of the student ID, the certificate of enrollment or the language/preparatory course at the university. Students at e.g. a German online university cannot being supported.
  3. Your documents will then be checked by Labdoo.

  4. Lending fee 15 € Finally, you will receive information on how to pay the one-time rental fee of €15.

Labdoo reserves the right to ask if necessary:

  1. Proof of a long-term perspective to stay (at least 1 year, proof e.g. with a copy of a document showing the validity.
  2. Proof of accommodation in an apartment, not in a refugee home

Then contact Labdoo (Germany) and send in the required documents for verification

If your application is accepted, 15 € for a laptop has to be transferred to our association eV for handling and delivery costs.

Your IT donation must be returned to Labdoo at the end of your school, study or emergency so that we can help other young people. There is no liability for loss or damage.
Labdoo laptops are ready to use for home schooling or as a replacement after a flood, easy to use and complete with extensive software for office, home schooling, tutorials, browsers and much more. Based on Linux, fast and protected against viruses, because under Windows 10/11 most IT donations would not run at all or only extremely slowly.

If you have any questions, Labdoo is happy to help.

Labdoo (Germany)

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