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Information for School Hubs

Labdoo hubs can exist in many different places (at your home, at your work, as part of your NGO work, etc.). This wiki section is dedicated to hubs which are created within the premises of a school.

Labdoo School Hubs consist of Labdoo Hubs that are run by students (for example, at a high school) with the supervision of adults.

Managing a Labdoo School Hub provides an excellent leadership opportunity for students.

Information for Labdoo Hubs (Laptop Collection/Sanitizing Points)

Labdoo is a global collaborative platform that operates in a decentralized and flat structure. Decentralization is essential to ensure sustainable and organic growth since hierarchies tend to generate bottlenecks and often add management overheads. Everyone is capable of taking actions in Labdoo regardless of ages or locations. You can help bring education to children and reduce electronic waste even if you only have 5 minutes or a few hours of spare time.

About Hubs

Everybody can be a participant in the Labdoo network by performing actions to help spread education around the globe. When one or more of the participants act together regularly, they can optionally create their own Labdoo Hub. A hub is mainly a group of people that get together from time to time to carry activities such as collecting and sanitizing unused laptops, organizing dootrips, recycling technology, or carrying out outreaching activities, among others.

Information Labdoo Hubs

In diesem Wiki findet ihr Informationen für bereits bestehende Hubs, aber auch für HelferInnen, die überlegen, ein neues Labdoo Hub in ihrer Region aufzubauen - erprobte Ideen, "best-practice" Aktionen zur Gewinnung neuer IT-Spender und HelferInnen, Werkzeuge u.v.a. mehr.