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Création d’une clé USB de démarrage Labtix

1. Téléchargez Labtix.iso

Commencez par télécharger et installer l’application client FileZilla FTP en suivant ce lien :

Puis, vous devez démarrer l’application FileZilla et vous connecter au serveur Labdoo FTP. Pour faire ça, vous aurez besoin de ces paramètres (voyez la Figure 1) :

Host: s
User: labdoo
Password: labdoo
Port: 22

Descarga de la Imagen Labdoo

En este paso, necesitará tener un disco duro externo donde descargará una o más imágenes del servidor FTP de Labdoo. Recomendamos elegir un disco duro con al menos 100 GB, aunque más grande es aún mejor (por ejemplo, 200 GB, 500 GB o 1 TB) si desea descargar algunas de las imágenes más grandes o varias de ellas.

Comience conectándose nuevamente al servidor FTP de Labdoo usando FileZilla (consulte la sección anterior para obtener una descripción sobre cómo hacer esto).

Installed tools for Labtix

Labtix comes with some useful, pre-installed tools:

SpaceFM. A file manager for the usual file actions and for mounting external devices. It also has plugins to mount shares and burn CDs or DVDs and others. SpaceFM is highly configurable and can be modified with additional plugins. The trashcan is disabled to prevent the accumulation of too much data in persistent mode, but it is addable as a plugin if needed. It should not be removed, because it is part of the desktop's environment!

Sanitation Guide: Fast Restoration Method (Labtix)

Labdoo recommends installing by cloning images and using the installation tool Labtix (contributed by Labdoo volunteers). Labtix is freely available and anyone can use it. It runs as a 32-bit ISO image on every laptop and it can clone both 32 and 64 bit images. Since Labtix is under continuous development and improvement, please check our FTP server regularly to see if there is a new version available.