When to Use Wiki Pages


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The Labdoo platform relies on the concept of wiki pages to allow users share knowledge and best practices. Here are some of the most common situations in which you will want to create a wiki page:

  • A manual to describe a certain process. For instance, the manual on how to sanitize a laptop or the manual on how to use the Labdoo social network (such as this section) are written using wiki pages.
  • A guide to describe a certain education software application. For instance, you can use wiki pages to describe an application within the Edubuntu software package.
  • A page within the Labdoo social network that requires some level of description detail. For instance, the "About Labdoo" page or the "Labdoo Values" pages are written using this wiki system.
  • Translations of any existing wiki pages. One of the goals of Labdoo is to be as globally inclusive as possible. That entails providing content in as many languages as possible. Therefore, another situation in which you will want to create a wiki page is the need to translate an existing wiki page or book.

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