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Labdoo provides a set of "View Dashboard" for the four main objects (dootronics, dootrips, edoovillages and hubs). These dashboards provide information with finer granularity and are more interactive as data is provided real time. Due to this extra functionality, these dashboards don't provide a way to automatically generate URLs for specific views. However, special 'tricks' have been implemented into these dashboards so that users can manually create such type of URLs. The following method is considered a bit more 'advanced', but if you try a couple of examples, you will see that it is easy to use and it can be very convenient when generating URLs to report your activity.

Let's start with an example. Let's say you want to generate a view of all the edoovillages located in Tanzania that are managed by Labdoo Hub Rhein-Ruhr in Germany located in Morocco (just like in the previous example) using the 'Edoovillage View Dashboard'. For that, go to 'Edoovillages' and click on 'View'. Then, modify the URL as follows:

Just like in the previous example, you can now cut and paste this URL and send it to a friend over email or post it in your favorite social network wall.

In this example, notice how the additional parameters in the URL are created. The parameter 'c' stands for 'country' and is assigned the value of 'tz', which is the country code of Tanzania. To find out the codes of other countries, you can use the table in this Wikipedia entry: The parameter 'h' stands for 'hub' and is assigned the value of 431. This corresponds to the hub identifier of the Labdoo Hub Rhein-Ruhr in Germany. This value can be found by going to that hub's page (the full list of hubs is available at and by simple inspection of its URL. In this example, the URL of this hub is, indicating that its hub id is indeed 431.

There are four keywords that you can use in the 'View Dashboards':

'c': The country code.
'h': The hub identifier.
'e': The edoovillage identifier.
'u': The user identifier.
'search:: A metadata field that allows users to filter by keywords matching any field. For instance, to find all the schools in the city of Barcelona, Spain, do,%20ba.... Or to find all the laptops delivered due to the COVID cause, do

You can play with any of these. Here is an another example: selecting all the dootronics that are related to user 201, that are currently located in Kenya and that are assigned to edoovillage with identifier 1457 corresponds to this URL:

Notice that this technique is applicable to any of the four 'View Dashboards': dootronics, dootrips, edoovillages and hubs.

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