Information for Labdooers (Volunteers)



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In this guide you will find useful information for Labdooers (Labdoo users/volunteers), including information about how to sanitize laptops, how to package them ready for traveling, or general tricks and tips among others. While this document attempts to be comprehensive, if you have any questions that do not get answered in this guide, please post them directly in any of the Labdoo Teams and one member of the Labdoo community will provide an answer.

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Labdoo Guide to Rescue a Laptop

Tagging a Laptop with a Labdoo ID Number

How To Sanitize a Laptop

How to (Physically) Clean a Laptop to Make it Look New Again

Choosing the Correct AC Adapter

Packaging the Laptops Ready for Traveling

List of Countries Voltages and Power Plugs

Tips and Tricks, Suggested Solutions

Knoppix Adriane (technique)

Boot from a different device (for non-Mac computers)