Laptop Inspection CheckList



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Before sending out the laptop to the Edoovillage, it is important to ensure that it is clean and has the latest software properly installed. Please check every single item in the following checklist to verify that your laptops have been thoroughly sanitized.

Labdoo ID #___________________________

1. Make sure all parts are properly labeled with the same Labdoo ID number (back of the laptop, battery, power adapter, and other external accessories if included)

2. Clean up the laptop surface and keyboard thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Take notes on any defects or limitations (eg. missing keys, no battery ...) and record them at later



3. Turn on the laptop and log in with userid "labdoo", password "labdooadmin"

4. Check to see if the wifi is working (If it fails to work, check to see if there's an external wifi switch on the laptop or if the language setting is defaulted to "German keyboard, which is different from "English keyboard" )

5. Open the Internet Browser and go to  (To test the Internet connection)

6. Play a video from Youtube to make sure the video and sound can be played properly.

7. Update the software by opening a terminal window and typing in:
sudo apt update (You will be asked to enter password, enter "labdooadmin")
sudo apt upgrade (Answer "yes" to confirm installation)

8. Change the Language to the proper edoovillage language setting:______________________________________

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