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When you carry a laptop sanitation workshop, it's a good practice to organize your own workflow to ensure there is a proper coordination of the various tasks among your team members. While there are many different ways to do this and you can certainly be creative, here is a sample sanitation workshop template that you can use as a reference.

Sample Meeting Agenda
(Prepare to reserve between 2-3 hours to efficiently carry out a successful workshop.)
* Welcome and Sign-in - 15 mins
* Short Presentation and Status update - 15 to 30 mins (optional)
* Divide volunteers into groups to work on different tasks - one hour
* Clean up and Feedback - 15 mins.

Although there's no foreseeable danger involved for sanitizing laptops, and Labdoo, as a registered nonprofit, is protected by the laws, we still recommend you to have your volunteers sign a waiver form to release liability in order to avoid unnecessary disputes during or after the event.

It is nice to remind our volunteers about Labdoo's mission and share the results of their hard works. Here's a few nice resources
About Labdoo Page
Labdoo Facebook Page

It is also important to encourage a new Labdooer to sign up a Labdoo User Account so he/she will be able to access all assistance listed at the Get Started page.

Divide the workshop into mini tasks
It is recommended to divide the working area into different stations based on number of attended volunteers and their skill level.
Please find possible mini tasks your volunteers can take during the workshop at the "Workshop Mini Tasks" page

We are keen to hear how you organize your events in order to build a better wiki knowledge and share with everyone. Please kindly share your experience by going to Team Wiki and Translations and click on start conversaion at the side menu, so we can incorporate your input into the current flow. Thank you.

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